Ernst Klever GmbH
Dönhoffstr. 5
42655 Solingen

T: +49 212 22 271–0
F: +49 212 22 271–11


Coming from Frankfurt am Main
If you are traveling from Frankfurt a. M. by train, we would be pleased to arrange for you to be picked up at Solingen's main railroad station.
Coming from Airport Düsseldorf

  • From the terminal, take the exit A44 / Alle Richtungen (All directions)
  • At the fork intersection, stay left A44 / Oberhausen / Velbert / Köln / Essen
  • At motorway junction 34 Ratingen-Ost stay in the right lane A3 toward Frankfurt a. M. / Köln
  • Exit 20-Solingen onto B229 toward Solingen / Langenfeld-Zentrum
  • Turn left onto Hardt / B229 (toward Solingen)
  • Take a slight left turn onto Landwehr
  • Continue on Ohligser Straße
  • Continue on Bonner Straße
  • Take a right onto L288
  • Take a left onto Viehbachtalstraße (follow 288)
  • Exit towards industrial park "Industriegebiet Dönhoffstraße"
  • Turn left on Mangenberger Straße
  • Take the fourth exit on the roundabout (Dönhoffstraße)
  • Turn left to stay on Dönhoffstraße
  • You are now driving directly toward our company building, house number 5.


Hotel recommendations:

Hotel Gräfrather Hof (★★★★)
In der Freiheit 48, 42653 Solingen
Phone: 0212 258000

Hotel H + Hotel Solingen City (★★★)
Teschestraße 34, 42655 Solingen
Phone: 0212 22060

We would be pleased to arrange hotel accommodation for you!