Snack knife AVA

Utility knife - making itself indispensable day after day

  • Quality promotional items Made in Germany

  • very sharp quality

  • very good cutting

  • light lubrication

  • attractively priced

  • Quality product from Solingen

  • Total length: 215 mm

  • Blade made of stainless steel strip (stainless steel)

  • Blade length : 100 mm

  • Laser marking: precise and filigree implementation of your logo

  • PP handle

  • Blade guard, mounted

  • dishwasher-safe

  • Minimum order quantity: 500 pieces

Starting from € 0,90 per piece

(price based on purchase quantities)

Are you looking for an all-purpose knife? Our AVA knife series offers you an attractive all-rounder that is a lubricating knife and a snack knife in one. With our knife series you can cut even crispy crusts and on the other hand you can also cut tender slices of vegetables and grease breads easy and comfortably.

Knife series AVA - Snack knife with serrated or sawed edge
If you want to enjoy a hearty snack or a delicious breakfast, you will usually be delighted with crispy baked goods. In order to cut the crust smooth, a good knife is essential. Even the fresh crust of strong bread can be cut effortlessly with our AVA knife series: Our clever all-purpose knives have either a blade with serrated grinding, saw grinding or smooth grinding. All blades are ideal for cutting a slice of bread or a pretzel.

Also ideal as a lubricating knife
Thanks to the wide spreading blades that we use in our AVA range of knives, you can easily spread butter or cream cheese and other spreads on your bread or pretzels. Particularly convenient: despite the wide blade, you do not have to change the tool for cutting vegetables. As an all-purpose knife, you can easily cut radishes or tomatoes into wafer-thin slices with products from the AVA series. Even soft gherkins can be chopped precisely. 

Quality and know-how for our AVA knife series
The blades of our Solingen AVA bread timers are made of stainless steel. Since the 1970s we have been manufacturing various special knives and all-purpose knives with this world-famous 'classic' Solingen blade in our solinger company. Our claim to offer the highest quality at a reasonable price makes us one of the most successful manufacturers in this segment. For the AVA knife series, we have contributed our entire know-how to the development. That's why our AVAs cut as sharp as 'classic' kitchen knives, but also offer the advantage of a significantly wider blade, which is typical for lubricating knives. In addition, we equip our new, larger Solingen steel band knives with serrated grinding or saw grinding. As a result, the Solingen AVA knives cut particularly effectively and are also ideally suited as snack knives. Do you have any questions about our versatile knife made of Solingen strip steel? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Choose the appropriate colour for your handle. 14 trend colours are available to choose from. We can also realize individual colour needs.