Tomato and Sausage knife (Table Knife)


  • Total length approx. 220 mm

  • Blade made of non-corrosive stainless steel

  • Blade sharpened with 3 mm wave

  • Blade length 110 mm

  • Dishwasher-safe etching of your company logo or desired text

  • Handle made of PP Dishwasher suitable

  • Blade guard, attached

  • Minimum purchase quantity: 500 pc.

Starting from €0.90 per piece

(price based on purchase quantities)

Whether for breakfast, supper or picnic, your snack knives are true evergreens! The beautifully shaped tomato and sausage knives in trendy colours are a true upgrade for any dining table.

With the serrated edge, our table knives are ideal for sausages, bread rolls, tomatoes & co. and thus perfect for daily use.

The serrated edge has the advantage that it smoothly separates the goods to be cut and does not "saw" them open. The regular waves in the blade along the cutting edge ensure a secure cut without slipping through the object to be cut, such as those with hard peels or crusts.

Ideal for bread rolls, tomatoes and fruits with a hard peel and soft inside. This indispensable knife is perfect for cutting fruits and vegetables. This knife is also sometimes called a tomato knife. Because: The Clever tomato and sausages knife gives tomato slices for mozzarella Caprese the perfect cut.

Bread knife is also a name that is often used in connection with a table knife. The knife, which is a lunchtime bread knife, could not have a better description. An air of tradition and the scent of freshly baked bread. Admittedly, the bread knife is reminiscent of heavy old tables made of wood, traditional German dirndls and a jug of beer.  In reality, this special knife is also plainly known as bread-roll knife or breakfast knife. The reason for this is its special blade that cuts the bread crust with particular ease.

And our table knife shows no mercy to meat crusts: The colourful knife is simply perfect for your evening garden barbecue for steaks and sausages.

Choose the appropriate colour for your handle. 14 trend colours are available to choose from. We can also realize individual colour needs.