Zöppkesmarkt - knife tradition up close and personal

Tradition, culture and of course kitchen knives - the Zöppkesmarkt in Solingen has been a popular folk festival since its foundation in 1969.

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KLEVER sponsors Summer festival: Echt.Scharf.Solingen

We are pleased also in this year the celebration Echt.Scharf.Solingen as sponsor to support.

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One year in Solingen - that's what the Solingen location has to offer

The Solingen location has a lot to offer. This is also shown in the new image film of the Initiativkreis Solingen, which highlights the facets of Solingen in detail.

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'Made in Solingen' - quality by tradition

The quality seal "Made in Solingen" and the nickname Klingenstadt underline that the city of Solingen continues to stand for high-quality cutlery with a long tradition.

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