Klever offers two fruit and vegetable peelers that are equipped with imported blades: These Clever peelers are processed and completed in Solingen, but are equipped with imported blades. This assortment offers customers a select alternative to products from Solingen. These blades are of select quality at cost-effective prices. These products are easily recognizable, as they do not bear the name Solingen on the blade. 

Clever peelers are available with 2 different handle shapes. They are equally suited for left-handed as well as right-handed people, as the blades are sharpened on both sides. They can be combined with 2 different blades. The Clever peelers can either be equipped with a straight blade or with a serrated/sawtooth blade. It's up to you.

Clever vertical peelers

These peelers have a vertical movable blade: A so-called pendulum blade that is attached perpendicular to the handle. With the peeler, you peel using your wrist. This motion is less tiring than with conventional peeling knives. These kitchen aids with vertical blades can also even peel small fruit and vegetables, such as potatoes with ease. The peelers are suitable for left-handed as well as right-handed people.

Clever horizontal peelers

Our horizontal peelers are equipped with a horizontal movable blade, a so-called pendulum blade, which is attached horizontally to the handle. Horizontal peelers are especially ideal for carrots, cucumbers or asparagus. This is where the use of these peelers saves an enormous amount of effort and time. The peelers are suitable for left-handed as well as right-handed people.

Clever peelers in combination with a straight grind

The straight blade with straight grind renders a clean cut without fraying out the object to be cut. Fruits and vegetables are peeled thin, generating as little waste as possible. Potatoes and other types of vegetables can be easily peeled.

Clever peelers in combination with a serrated/sawtooth blade

With its sawtooth blade, this peeler optimally peels fruits and vegetables with a hard peel and soft inside, without crushing the fruit. Sometimes, this blade shape is also called jagged soft fruit blade. It is ideal for peeling tomatoes, kiwis or mangos.

Especially when it comes to peeling tomatoes, this blade is highly suitable as the tomatoes do not need to be over-boiled before peeling. They can easily remove the peel from a tomato. The blade also quickly works itself into hard peels and prevents slipping, e.g. when peeling carrots or asparagus. This product is particularly popular when it comes to hard or tough peels.

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