Protected quality from Solingen

Our cutlery is manufactured in the "city of blades" Solingen. This gives our customers certainty because Solingen is an internationally protected declaration of origin and a registered trademark.

Only goods that actually originate from Solingen may bear this name. These products are of excellent quality as Solingen manufacturers are obligated to adhere to a quality standard pursuant to DIN. Material, hardness and quality-determining requirements are strictly governed by the standard DIN EN ISO 8442-1.

Thanks to very well-trained staff, the excellent and consistent quality of Solingen cutlery is guaranteed.

  • Solingen prescription

    Solingen prescription

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    Data base of members

Stainless steel rust-free seal for quality

Our cutlery products are manufactured from high-quality non-corrosive steel. As a high-performance processor and quality-conscious manufacturer, our products bear the internationally protected trademark "Edelstahl rostfrei" (stainless steel rust-free).

Companies that make use of the internationally protected trademark are obligated, pursuant to statutes, to provide optimum material quality and processing.

The quality seal "Edelstahl rostfrei" (stainless steel rust-free) is an internationally recognized seal for products from quality-conscious manufacturers, processors and providers. The trademark association "Warenzeichen Verband Rostfrei" constantly monitors products in terms of the proper use of the trademark.

Knives and peelers made of non-corrosive stainless steel have the cutting edge for highest requirements.

The quality seal is a highly sought after instance for brilliant recommendations. We are pleased to place the quality seal on the products that we produce for you.