Our product range at a glance

Fresh fruit and vegetables, raw or gently prepared, are an important elements of healthy nutrition. Before these providers of vitamins and nutrition can be added to salads or delicious soups, they have to be cleaned, washed and peeled. 

This is why peeling is one of the most frequently occurring tasks in the kitchen. Using a  "conventional" knife is not effective. In order to work quickly, efficiently and resource friendly, the proper kitchen tools are of special significance. There are special peelers that make peeling fruits and vegetables much easier. 

They are quicker and simpler to work with. Plus the little kitchen aids peel so thin and effectively, that they produce hardly any waste.

Whether cucumber, carrots, zucchini or asparagus – various types of vegetables can be easily peeled with Klever peelers. To make kitchen work just as easy for "lefties", Klever offers a large range of different peelers:  2 handle shapes in combination with various blade types.

Whether horizontal or vertical peelers, Solingen high-quality peelers "Made in Germany" or peelers from the Clever series, you decide  

  • which handle shape 
  • which blade type 

you work best, quickest and most efficiently with!

Solingen Peelers

Clever Peelers