Knife tradition up close and personal

Tradition, culture and of course kitchen knives - the Zöppkesmarkt in Solingen has been a popular folk festival since its foundation in 1969 and has a reputation far beyond regional borders. At the beginning of its long history, the festival was even the biggest street dally in Germany. By the way, the name goes back to the word Zöppken, which is commonly used in the Solinger Platt for kitchen knives. As a traditional Solingen knife company, we would like to introduce you to the market and the history of Solingen, the city of blades.

Zöppkesmarkt Solingen today

The festival in its present form offers the visitors a colourful hustle and bustle on three days. Private individuals and commercial traders sell flea and new goods. Many stalls provide delicacies for the physical well-being - from bratwurst to Bergische waffle. See and be seen is the motto along the countless stalls that run right through the city centre. The social vein of the participants is also typical for the Zöppkesmarkt in Solingen. Many of the stand operators donate part of their income to charity.

The origins of the Zöppkesmarkt Solingen

The fact that the kitchen knife - or Zöppken - is the name of the popular Solingen folk festival is hardly surprising given the city's history. Since its foundation in 1374, Solingen has gradually developed into a location for the manufacture of blades and later into the centre of the German cutlery industry. The quality Made in Solingen is still in demand worldwide. In this respect, the Zöppkesmarkt reminds us of the historical heritage of the city of Solingen.

The 51st Zöppkesmarkt opens its gates from 13th to 15th September from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. each. More information about the event can be found on the Zöppkesmarkt website.