Made in Solingen

Quality by tradition

The quality seal "Made in Solingen" and the nickname Klingenstadt underline that the city of Solingen continues to stand for high-quality cutlery with a long tradition. The high quality of knives and other blade products from Solingen is not only known throughout Germany, but also internationally. The Solingen company laid the foundation for the flourishing production of excellent blades as early as the late Middle Ages.

The foundation stone for Made in Solingen
In 1363 the first blade production is mentioned in a document. A decisive factor for the early settlement of blade manufacturers is the topography of today's Solingen city area. With the numerous water sources, forges and hammers could be operated via water wheels. In addition, the first blade manufacturers profited from the proximity to the then already well-known trading city of Cologne. Of course, the Solingen economy still profits today from the favourable location to the Rhine metropolises of Cologne and Düsseldorf.

Me fecit Solingen
From 1401 the blade manufacturers achieved a decisive breakthrough. This year, hardeners and grinders were given the privilege of founding a guild. In the 16th century an enormous influx of knifemakers into the town followed and the predecessor of the Made in Solingen label took shape: From then on, the Latin saying Me fecit Solingen was coined on blades made in Solingen - Solingen manufactured me. This marking was soon regarded throughout Central Europe as proof of high quality blades.

Solingen ordinance - the birth of Made in Solingen
This positive development continued over the next centuries. With the beginning of the First World War, the Solingen knife industry came to a standstill for the first time due to a lack of sales markets. In the post-war period, however, the onset of mechanization led to a renewed upturn in productivity. The modern Made in Solingen took shape in 1994 in the form of the Solingen Ordinance. This ordinance protects the Solingen indication of origin as a registered trademark with outstandingly high quality standards. Even today, Solingen is still known as the centre of the German cutlery industry and is now called "Klingenstadt".

Our knives Made in Solingen
For 80 years, as a family-run company with a long tradition, we have stood for everything that constitutes the quality seal Made in Solingen: the highest quality - without compromise. Material, hardness and quality requirements are strictly regulated in DIN EN ISO 8442-1. With our colourful and individual knife series, we also meet modern design requirements and supply satisfied business customers worldwide. Our family business is even one of the most successful manufacturers in the market for Solingen fruit and vegetable knives made of strip steel. If you have any questions about our products and our quality promise, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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